Analysing metal forming characteristics

Finite Element Method Simulation

FEM Simulation

The first step in any metal forming feasibility study performed by 3D Metal Forming  is Finite Element Method (FEM) Simulation of the forming process.

We make use of two Simulation software packages:


Simulations with AUTOFORM give us a quick view on issues like: spring back, thinning/thickening, risk of buckling, internal stresses etc.

Simulations with ANSYS allow us to take the dynamic effects of our high speed forming process into account. In this case the water and the high energy material can be included in the model. The pressure wave from the ignited high energy material will travel through the water, hit the blank and pushes the blank into the die. This type of simulations take the effects of the mass inertia and the increased yield strength into account.

An important output of the simulation run is the Forming Limit Diagram which predicts the forming behavior of the part.

With our simulation analyses capability we are sure to design an optimal process for manufacturing a high quality part the first time right.


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