Delivering competitive advantage

to our Aerospace customers through monolithic structures and integral double curved sheet applications.

Offering Architects design freedom

through unsurpassed metal forming possibilities.

Meeting technical requirements

for the Energy / Big Science community.

3D Metal Forming B.V.

3D METAL FORMING is the global leader in METAL FORMING of very large and complex, double curved, shapes for the Aerospace, Architectural and Energy Markets.
For the Aerospace Industry we form both Near Net Shapes (Preforms) out of thick plate and Final product shapes out of sheet metal. Our capability of Low Cost metal forming complex shapes out of thick plate is an Enabling Technology for designing and manufacturing Monolithic Aerospace Structures eliminating the need for (sub)assembly.

Strategic direction

3D Metal Forming is developing Demonstrators and Prototypes for Aerospace OEM customers as part of  their Technology Readiness Level programs. High Energy Hydro Forming will deliver our Customers increased competitiveness by decreasing production cost and reducing weight. The High Energy Hydro Forming process is fully capable of reliably and repetitively producing high quality parts at rates of #75 per month. 3D Metal Forming is AS9100-D certified!


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