Innovative Technology

Flexible, high energy and velocity forming process

High Energy Hydro Forming

High Energy Hydro Forming is a metal forming process  whereby high energy material is ignited under water. The resulting water wave pushes the blank into the male or female die. The whole forming process takes place in approximately 2 milliseconds.

Advantages of High Energy Hydro forming are:

  • Forming of very large sizes possible i.e. 12 m. length and 2 m. width for Stainless steel sheet application;
  • Thicknesses starting from 0,3 mm. Inconel to 150 mm. Stainless Steel are possible;
  • A large variety of metals can be formed like Stainless steel, Aluminum, Inconel, Invar, Titanium etc.
  • In order to gain the maximum advantage with our process we can form very large blanks were the blank can even be assembled and welded before forming through i.e. MIG, Electronic Welding, TIG, Friction Stir Welding;
  • Another advantage is that our process only needs a Male or a Female die;
  • Uniform pressure load on blank;
  • In case of Aerospace applications we can form in T3/T4 temper and therefore need less heat treatment steps if compared to conventional forming technologies.

Video: Animation High Energy Hydro Forming