Founded in 1999

Spin-off of TNO "Prins Maurits Laboratory" (Dutch Scientific Institute)


  • 1996: TNO (Dutch Scientific Institute) started a research program to re-introduce metal forming and cladding by making use of controlled explosions. The conclusion of this program was: High Energy Hydro Forming  (Explosive Forming)  is a valuable addition to existing metal forming technologies: unique design and manufacturing opportunities lie with so called “double curved” products;
  • 1999: Exploform B.V. was founded by TNO ”Prins Maurits Laboratory” ,Rijswijk, The Netherlands;
  • 2010: Name changed from Exploform B.V. to 3D Metal Forming B.V.;
  • 2012: Winner Aviation Week magazine “Innovation Challenge: Integral Structures”;
  • 2014: New production plant in Lelystad, The Netherlands, operational as a first phase anticipating  serial production for the Aerospace market;
  • 2015: Largest double curved Aerospace Near Net Shape formed: 6 m. by 3 m., 100 mm thick;
  • 2016: 120 mm. thick Aerospace  Near Net Shape formed in T3 temper.