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Energy / Big Science

Coil Cans, CCFE, United Kingdom
A set of #7 different Coil Can halves was supplied by 3D Metal Forming ranging from approximately 1 m. Diameter until 5 m. Diameter. For the largest Diameters we welded the banana shape flat blanks before forming. The forming was done in a 360 degree forming die. Material: 4 mm. thick Stainless steel 316.

Coil Cans, CCFE, United Kingdom
Material 2 mm. thick Inconel 625.

Vacuum vessel, SDMS, France
Double Curved 16 mm. thick Stainless Steel panels as supplied by 3D Metal Forming (visible in the front of the vacuum vessel).

Half bar, SDMS, France
The half bar is formed in 4 mm. thick Niobium material.

Turbine housing, Sulzer, Poland
8 mm. thick Stainless steel

Driver Plate, RFX, Italy
A layer of 1 mm. Molybdenum is cladded on a Copper base plate with subsequent waterjet cutting and lip forming steps.

Saddle shape
50 mm. thick  Stainless Steel

Door surround panel, RES pool CEA Cadarache, France
Door surround formed as one piece: 10 m. by 2 m. , 4 mm. thick Stainless Steel. No welds!