Coupon manufacturing capability

Research & Development

The technology of High Energy Hydro Forming brings advantages in developing metal forming solutions for integral and very complex shape components which cannot be (technically and/or economically) made by conventional forming technologies like press forming, deep drawing and/or spin forming.

We are working closely together with Aerospace OEM’s and their supply chains in developing Technology Demonstrators and  flight test articles for both thick plate and sheet metal applications  in order to fulfill the Technology Readiness Levels requirements  of the Industry.

In particular for the Aerospace market we can form coupons used for qualification of material properties purposes. In order to do so our R&D department has access to in house heat treatment and quench equipment, standardized coupon manufacturing capabilities and dedicated Photogrammetry Software. This Photogrammetry Software is applied for measuring deformations and building “Point Clouds” for comparing the formed part with the 3D model.

The actual test of the specimens (i.e.: tensile, fatigue etc.) can either be performed in partnership with dedicated test laboratories in The Netherlands (the NLR and/or The Technical University Delft) or at the testing institute of the Customer.